General Information in your Profile page

Please view the video, to help you through the process of adding information about yourself and how you may edit them within our application and help summarise all the points discussed below.

Do you have to Log in to the application to view your profile page?

Yes, please sign up with our application by using our links to 'Join now' and submitting your joining form with us. You may then Log in to the application with your credentials.

On successful Login, you will notice a link to Your Profile page next to the link to your Home page.

When you first login to the application, what is visible in the first section of your Profile page?

The first time that you Login, you will notice a Profile form, in the first section of your Profile page, asking some information from you that you can fill.

Please click on the Save button when you complete

Will the data collected in the Profile form vary with the type of user logged in to the Application?

Yes, based on the type of user (Artist or Art Proprietor or Art Store or Art Club), the type of data collected would differ.

Can a guest visiting your profile page, have access to data you have entered in the 'General Information' section?

Yes, when a user, searches for you using our search functionality and visits your Profile page, they will have access to data you have chosen to display in the 'General Information' section.

Can you edit these data fields once you Save?

Yes any data submitted within the General section your profile page can be edited even if you have clicked on save button.

When you first fill in the Profile form and click on Save button, all your entered data will be represented within a card. Your information 'card' comes with an EDIT button.

On clicking EDIT, you will be directed back to the Profile form where you can add or delete or update data against any field that you wish. You may then click on SAVE button again.