Manage your Posts

Please view the video, to help you through the process of Posting, Creating Posts and receive post notification from your connections within our application and help summarise all the points discussed below.

How to make a post on your Home page?

As a user, once you have created an account and joined our application, you will notice a 'Click here to Post' button in your Home page.
When you click on the button, a modal will open that will allow you to make a post.

Do I have to join the application to be able to make a post?

Yes, first you need to create an account in order to be able to make a post in your Home page.

How to populate 'Post modal'?

On clicking 'Click here to Post' button, post modal opens. It is necessary to enter some thought that you want to share in the available text box area.

Next, click on the Upload Image link available within the modal. This functionality will allow you to upload multiple images that will display within your post.

Finally, once you have all the content ready for your post, please click on the 'Post' button. On posting, time at which you posted will also be displayed along with your post.

Can you upload live images from your phone or tablet device?

Yes, you can click photos on your phones or tablets and upload directly to your post. On clicking Upload Image in the 'post modal' you may choose to visit your gallery or click a photo.

Will your posts be filtered in the Home page of your connections or Followers?

No, your posts will not be filtered in the home page of your connections or your followers.

How would you know if a connection or a club or a store that you are following has made a post?

You would receive a notification in your notification list when someone you are connected to or following makes a post.