When you are logged in, top navigation menu provides you with some links. These links are discussed in the next few pages within the section 'Top Navigation Functionalities'.

Our logo available in any page comes with a click functionality and could prove useful to help you as a user to navigate through the application.

1- If you have signed-in, and visit another users page, you can navigate back to your home page by clicking on the logo.

2- If you are in the Log-in page, and you click on the logo, you will be navigated back to our welcome page.

3- If you are logged in and access any of our menu items in the top navigation menu, clicking on the logo will navigate you back to your Home page.

Basically, if you are Signed-in and access any other page, you may find yourself back to your Home page by clicking on our logo.
And, if you are not logged in, and click on our logo, you will be directed back to our Welcome page.