Liking a Post

Please view the video, to help you through the process of Liking posts, receiving Likes on your posts and send connection requests when viewing list of users who have Liked a post within our application and help summarise all the points discussed below.

How can you Like a post, posted by a different user?

Use the search functionality to identify a user. When you visit the specific users home page, you may Like a post made by that user, by clicking on 'Like' button found in the end of a post.

When you have liked a post, button would be highlighted in green, and count of Likes will be incremented by 1.

Can you 'Like' a post more than one time?

No, you may 'Like' a post only once.

What happens when you click on the Like button for the second time?

When the Like button is green, and you click again, it is equivalent to have removed your like.
Likes count within the post will decrement by 1.

Can you Like your post?

Yes, you may Like your own post.

When a user has Liked your post, will you receive a notification in your Notifications?

Yes, you will receive a notification if a user has liked your post.
You would also notice a link that provides count of number of likes, placed above the Like button within your post.
On clicking this link, a modal open, that will list all the users that have Liked your post.

Can you send a connection request from within the modal that pops-up when viewing 'Likes' of a post?

Yes, when viewing the modal that opens up when viewing the list of users that have liked your post, you may send a connection request to a user that you are not already connected with.