Your Gallery page

Please view the video, to help you through the process of adding Images, adding captions and managing your gallery within our application and help summarise all the points discussed below.

Do you have to Login to the Application to find link to your Gallery page?

Yes, you have to Sign up with us and then Login to the Application with your credentials in order to view link to your Gallery.

What is the purpose behind providing a space to create your Gallery?

This is an opportunity for you as an Artist or an Art Proprietor or a member of an Art club or the owner or worker in an Art store to represent type and kind of Art you deal with. Be it Sculpting or nature painting or statues, set yourself free and paint accross this space and fill with every piece of art that best represents you!

How can you add pics to your Gallery page?

Click on the link provided as 'Gallery' when you login to the Application. When you visit your Gallery page, you would notice a button that says 'Add your Art'.
Please click on the 'Add your Art' button.

A modal pops-up, that allows you to upload images and add some caption to your Art.

Is it necessary to add caption to the Art that you upload in the 'Add your Art' modal?

Yes, it is necessary that you add caption, else, you will not be allowed to upload your Art image.

Should you restrict to character count in the caption with your Art?

Yes, please try to maintain your caption within 10- 20 words.