Manage your Following choices and Network of followers

Please view the video, to help you through the process of Following, sending Follow requests and accepting Follow requests within our application and help summarise all the points discussed below.

Which type of users can you follow in our application?

Per information available in our Help Center main page, we have categorized our user base to 4 types: Artist, Art Proprietor, Art store and Art Clubs. As a user you may send rquest for following an Art store or an Art club.

Do I have to join the application to send a request for Following?

Yes, first you need to create an account in order to be able to send a 'follow' request to an Art Club or Art Store.

How do I send a Follow request?

You may send a Follow request by first logging in and then using our search function available to locate the Art Club or Art Store you can Follow.

On viewing their page, you will find a +Follow button. Click on this button, and request will be sent to the appropriate Art Club or Art store representative. You will notice a ‘pending’ status below the +Follow button.

Does the request have to be approved by the Art Club or Art Store representative to allow you to follow?

Yes, the respective Art Club or Art Store representative, will receive a notification when they have been sent a Follow request. On viewing the request, they must approve the request in their Profile page.

What happens if the Art Club or Art Store rejects the request to Follow? Is there a limit on how many times you may send a request?

If an Art Club or Art Store, rejects your Follow request, ‘+Follow’ button is active again when you view their page with the help of our search functionality and you may send a request again.
No, there is no limit as to how many requests you may send.