Creating your account

Please view the video, to help you throught the process of creating you account with our application and help summarise all the points discussed below.

Who can create an account?

You may be an Artist , or an Art proprietor, or a representative of an Art club , or the owner / co-owner / worker of an Art store .

Where can you find link to our joining form?

Our Welcome page has a link that says, ‘Join Now’. Clicking same will navigate you to a 'Joining form' which you will have to populate to sign up with our application.
Alternately, link to our 'Joining form' can also be found in the Login page

What fields do you need to populate before submitting your joining form?

1- Enter your Name . Your name entered here will be visible within the application and to anyone who searches for you.
2- Enter your Email address . Please refer to this link regarding privacy and protection of your email address entered in this field.
3- Enter your Mobile number. Please refer to this link regarding privacy and protection of your contact number entered in this field.
4- Enter a Password and confirm the same in the next field. You will have to use this password when logging in to the application.
5- Select User type . This is a drop-down field and you may select only one value that best represents you. Based on this you will view appropriate Profile form in your Profile page.
6- Select Country that you belong from. This is a drop-down option and you may select others or US.
If you select 'Others', please manually enter the country that you belong to.
7- Select State that you belong from.
If you select your country as US, this option is a drop-down menu option and you may select the state that you belong to. If you have manually entered another country, please manually enter the State that you belong from as well.
8- Enter the City that you belong to
9- Please enter the zip-code / pin-code of the place you belong to
10- Please read the terms and conditions before agreeing to them by placing a tick mark in the check box provided. You may read the conditions by clicking on the hyperlink 'I Accept Terms and Conditions'.
11- On completing all these necessary fields, please click on the Sign up button
If you have followed all the steps listed above, you will be successfully signed up to be a part of this application.

When would you have to enter an OTP?

On completion of your sign-up process, the first time you login to the application, you would require to enter an OTP sent to your registered mobile number.

Why do we require you to enter an OTP for the first time you login?

This is to authenticate you as a user and prevent multiple profiles created with the same number.