Commenting on a Post

Please view the video, to help you through the process of adding comments, viewing comments and receive notification from your connections when comments are added to a post within our application and help summarise all the points discussed below.

How can you comment on a post, posted by a different user?

Use the search functionality to identify a user. When you visit the specific users home page, you may comment on a post made by that user, by clicking on 'Comment' button found in the end of a post.

On clicking Comment button, Comment modal opens. You may write a comment associated with the post and click on 'Save Comment' button in the modal.

What happens when you successfully comment on a post, per steps outlined in previous question.

When you have comented on a post, a notification will be sent to the owner of the post.

Do you have to be connected to a user / following a user to comment on their posts?

No, it is not necessary for you to be connected / following a user in order for you to be able to comment on their post.

Can you upload image or video or an audio when writing comment?

Yes, you can upload image / video / audio when posting a comment. On clicking Upload Image or Video or Audio in the 'comment modal' you may upload file from your laptop or a live file using your mobile or tablet device.